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Spring 2020. Italy. Lockdown.

Italy is still, motionless. Streets are empty, as are the perspectives of each one of us.

The imposed life at home has blocked our dreams and has prevented us from sharing small daily pleasures such as company, laughter, and activities with our loved ones and friends.

For the first time our generation has understood the true meaning of the word freedom.

But we had our GARAGE, our family workspace, where we could escape from the sadness and gloom, and develop a project that celebrated the precious moments of life together and the carefree days spent with the people we love. Our dreams took on a new life and our creativity found an outlet – so OFF PLAY was born.

OFF PLAY expresses the idea of free time ("time OFF") and of having fun together again ("let's PLAY together!"), a different approach to a new lifestyle. The OFF PLAY product has a bold and contemporary design, combined with the quality and tradition of Made in Italy craftsmanship. Accessible to everyone so that no one feels left out. 

The OFF PLAY project is a collaboration between experienced professionals, designers and New Footwears, Italian based manufacturers of quality footwear for three generations, and preferred producer for numerous luxury brands in the industry.

With OFF PLAY we bring Made in Italy quality and the creativity of our GARAGE to a dynamic audience that demands good value for money.